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If you are facing drug charges there is no time to waste. You need to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are to have the greatest opportunity at a positive case outcome.  Both state and federal statutes provide for harsh penalties for drug crime convictions.  Some of these call for minimum mandatory prison sentences.

In Massachusetts drug or narcotics statutes cover an array of specific criminal offenses relating to substances that are controlled by state of federal law. Some such offenses involve illegal narcotics such as cocaine or heroin  (“street drugs”) or prescription medications such as vicodin or oxycontin (“script drugs”) and range from unlawful possession to manufacturing of nacotics.

The nature and extent of crime charged and the potential penalties one may face differ from case to case. However, there is one common factor in every drug case. That is, in order to safeguard a defendant’s personal and procedural constitutional rights it is imperative that he or she involve an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest stage of the case.

As a seasoned criminal defense attorney with vast experience in defending clients against state and federal drug charges, James Cipoletta is fully capable and qualified to represent defendants against any drug  charge the federal government or state prosecutors may bring. Attorney Cipoletta has represented clients accused of drug offenses in more than a dozen states and federal districts over the more that 25 years as a defense attorney.

If you are suspected or accused of a state or federal drug crime, contact us immediately for a free confidential consultation and discussion of case and your rights.