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The process for obtaining licenses to operate food, entertainment, and alcohol businesses in Massachusetts very often is a  two and three-tier  process.   By necessity, the licensing of a business that serves alcohol requires approval both at the local (city or town) level and at the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC). Each has its own requirements and hearings.

At the Law Offices of James J. Cipoletta, we have decades of experience in representing clients who own or operate entertainment venues, restaurants, nightclubs, and adult entertainment establishments. Whether you require legal representation in the sale or purchase of one of these businesses, need help with obtaining the proper licenses or permits, or your business has been served a notice of a violation hearing by the local or state licensing authority, we are able to assist you.

  • Entertainment License
  • All Alcoholic Beverages Restaurant License
  • Innkeeper’s License
  • Coin Operated Amusement Device License
  • Purchase or Sale of Business and Licenses
  • Representation at Violation Hearings
  • Constitutional challenges to adult entertainment restrictions

At the Law Offices of James J. Cipoletta, we have been representing the owners of restaurants and nightclub establishments for nearly 30 years.  We have successfully litigated cases in the state and federal courts in matters involving adult entertainment establishments, coin operated amusement devices, license revocations, and license restrictions.

Whatever your need in connection with your restaurant, bar, nightclub, or entertainment establishment, it is worth contacting us to discuss your concerns.