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Businesses and professionals are now more often unfairly targeted by state and federal investigators and accused of violation of statutes and regulations. Whether you are approached by law enforcement agents or corporate security personnel your right to defend yourself should be exercised from the first moment of contact.  It is essential that you move swiftly to protect yourself, your reputation, and your business.

At the Law Offices of James J. Cipoletta we have access to extensive professional resources and experts to assist in protecting and defending you. We draw from an impressive array of assets in fields such as investigation, intelligence, engineering, accounting, financial analysis, medicine, and psychology.

Our experience includes representation of clients on a variety of white collar charges such as defense procurement fraud, computer crimes, environmental violations, health care fraud, wire fraud, prescription drug diversion, and banking violations.

If you have been contacted about an investigation or have been alleged to have committed a crime or regulatory violation contact us immediately to discuss your rights, options, and defense.