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Land use planning and development in Massachusetts can be a daunting undertaking. Even seemingly straightforward matters may implicate compliance with state, local, or federal regulations.  Whether it issue involves a local zoning ordinance or a complex federal environmental regulation, we can assist the property owner or developer in complying with the applicable law.

Many projects,  regardless of size or scope, require the owner to obtain special permits, variances, orders of condition, and other state and local allowances.  Most of these involve complicated applications to the governing agency. All of them involve public hearings before the issuing board or authority.  We have extensive experience in representing clients in pursuit of the permits that allow the project to move forward.

As the chairman of a municipal zoning board of appeals for more than 10 years, Attorney Cipoletta has a detailed working knowledge of the permitting and appeals process. Very often one is afforded only a single chance to present the case to the board or commission. It is therefore essential that the attorney presenting the case is  thoroughly familiar with the applicable laws and is capable of fully preparing a flawless case.

To discuss a zoning or land use issue with us, please contact the Law Offices of James J. Cipoletta.  We serve clients with zoning and land use issues throughout greater Boston and across the North Shore.